When it comes to PTSD, whether you or a friend or loved one is affected, it is no laughing matter, especially when the anxiety affects your day-to-day lives. Many people, especially men who have served in the military, consider any form of mental illness a sign of weakness, and this is further from the truth. Advances in science now reveal that exposure to traumatic events alters the brains neurological connections in such a way as to produce the symptoms outlined in this article. However, this is not the only negative health aftermath. In combat PTSD, migraines from head injuries are also common. Those who suffer from migraines know how excruciating they can be. Many soldiers who have both migraines and PTSD also experience clinical depression as well. Is it no wonder the suicide rate amongst our military service men and women is so very high?

Click here to read an article about Combat Migraines

The good news is there is help for those suffering and their families. Take charge of your health and get the help you need. Click any of the resources on the main page of this site and/or look up key phrases such as combat PTSD, help for PTSD veterans and post-traumatic stress disorder therapy.

Best of luck to you in your future healing.

Jaquelynn Rose


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